A Psychological Corporation (APC)

3262 Holiday Court, Suite 220

La Jolla, CA 92037

​​​​The Cognitive Therapy Institute of San Diego

(858) 450-1101

The Cognitive Therapy Institute, APC
3262 Holiday Ct, Suite 220
La Jolla, CA 92037
Ph: (858)450-1101 

We periodically offer classes on selective topics regarding improving your quality of life through use of cognitive therapy concepts and skills. You can arrange for us to speak at business, social group, religious, or other public settings.  Topics include:

Stress Management
Assertiveness Training
Coping with the Blues (Mild Depression)
Overcoming the "Worry Habit"
Managing Your Anger
Freedom from Perfectionism
Achieving Your Goals

Please check back with the Website occasionally for start dates for new classes or groups. You may also fill out the form below to be added to the list of people we will contact when the next class is offered.  If you are interested in the community education classes, please feel free to leave topics you would be interested in learning about in the comment box and it may be a topic in a future class.

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Community and Educational Classes