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A new addition to our 12-week groups, are structured, educational, active treatment groups using CBT and skills training and communication training models.

At the Cognitive Therapy Institute we offer individual therapy for a very wide range of problems and concerns.  We also offer a variety of group therapies that provide structured and proven treatment programs for panic, social anxiety & shyness, depression, and other conditions.  For many people group therapy is a very effective format for treatment (see Academy of Cognitive Therapy).  Groups offer potential advantages, such as the support and motivation that comes from being with others who are working to address similar problems and concerns, and the lower cost for group as compared to individual treatment. Sometimes group therapy is used in conjunction with, or following, a course of individual therapy.  We will gladly discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of group versus individual therapy during an initial assessment interview. 

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The following treatment groups are periodically offered at the Cognitive Therapy Institute.  Each group uses a structured approach that has already been tested and proven to be effective.  The therapist/group leader will provide education and facilitate practice in applying the fundamental cognitive-behavioral skills in your daily life. In many cases insurance will reimburse a portion of the group therapy fee.

The Cognitive Therapy Institute, APC
3262 Holiday Ct, Suite 220
La Jolla, CA 92037
Ph: (858)450-1101 

  • Adult Aspergers (for high functioning young adults 18 - 25 years old)

CBT Groups in San Diego

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